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Every night I'm struggling, being an insomniac,
Unable to fall asleep, rest I always lack;
Different thoughts bothering me, haunting me till dawn,
Trying to suffice my need to sleep with this yawn.

Why now, of all time, am I feeling so much pain?
When will my strength and willpower be regained?
How many pillows must I need to stain with tears?
What will I do to fight away my foolish fears?

I'm confused and perplexed with all of these nonsense,
Insanity taunts if this becomes more intense;
As early as possible I want this to stop,
Want to get away from this labyrinthine trap.

These challenges I'm facing will soon be shut down,
Once I make a move and defeat this shameless clown;
This maze he set for me should not be overlooked,
That is one of the things that I seem to mistook.

I have to face this alone, as I always do,
I must trust no one when most are hiding their hue;
Finishing this journey's an independent act,
I hope my body and soul will still be intact.

Fighting in these silent battles without weapons,
Seems like a hopeless match, when I'm soft as chiffons;
Then I thought my best strategy is to defend,
Though my form of defense is to hide and pretend.

Breathing in and breathing out, finding my best shield,
Wearing this emotionless facade, I'm concealed;
Locking and suppressing my feelings inside me,
Wishing that's enough in keeping my sanity.
I wrote this last night 'cause I really can't sleep. O_O It's crappy due to the fact that I've written this with a severely befuddled state of mind...

But I'm okay now. Writing is my hero! :D


I reread this poem over and over and... I seriously don't know what has gotten into me when I wrote this...
Everlasting90 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, it's like you're falling into a never-ending whirled vortex!!
cyxsai Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess you could say that. :invisible:
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